How did we begin?

The history of the Remaker has begun in 2004 under the concept of “Remake” by Yuttana Anothaisintawee, who had has a rich experience in recycling and design industry for more than 10 years.
He is always in love with wastes. He feels excited and being challenged how to pull these wastes into new lives with a new worth.

In the beginning of the business, Yuttana partnered up with a Japanese designer. They put love and passion into their work.
They both co-designed and created new fashion products by using used garments with an upcycling concept.
A few years later, his partner chose another life direction but Yuttana still had a strong belief so decided to go on and has continued this path.

The more he works around, the more in love he is with the charm of waste materials and focuses on product design by putting more imagination and ideas to create the masterpieces with useful functions.

Finally, the brand ‘The ReMaker’ has been introduced to the market in 2006.
Yuttana’s first-handed experience taught him to be more conscious and aware of the environmental trend and it made him realize that clothes were not the only type of wastes that he could use for his work. .He started to look for other waste materials to design new products using new ideas with UPCYCLE concept to create the unique designed products that serve more functionalities and merge well with current social lifestyle. These wastes are, for instance, Inner Tube from Tuck, Motor Bike, and Bicycle. Currently, we have been into leather.

Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products for better quality or for better environmental value.